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Map of OxnaOxna

  Cruise around Oxna and the other Scalloway Isles as part of the Scalloway Isles cruise or take an evening trip - mooring and going ashore by small boat.

  Oxna has a compact shape, an uneven surface and contains many lochans. The summit to the South of the centre is 38m high. There is a broken line of islets and skerries.

  Joined to Oxna by a drying reef are the Hoggs of Oxna. This is separated from another group - the Chynies - by Busta Sound. The Chynies is a group of three islets forming a single unit and to their South East is another islet called Spoose Holm.

  When Oxna was occupied, the settlement was beside a narrow inlet called Sandy Voe. A solid gold Norse armlet was found in Oxna by a local boy at the end of the 19th century.