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Map of HildasayHildasay

  Cruise around Hildasay and the other Scalloway Isles as part of the Scalloway Isles cruise or take an evening trip - berthing at Hildasay Pier.

  An oval island shaped like a yeti's footprint, Hildasay rises to a height of 32m near the North end. There are rocky escarpments on the West and North coasts and the South coast has three toes formed by two narrow inlets, Cusa Voe and Tanga Voe.

  There is a loch on Hildasay that covers a considerable area of the West side - West Loch - containing a single small islet. The satelite island (Linga) close to the South East coast was a separate croft in the 19th century.

  People lived on Hildasay up until the 20th century. The ruins of a settlement - maximum five houses - is to be found on the hillside in the North. Before evacuation, there were three or four crofts on the island as well as a herring curing station and a granite quarry. Unfortunately, the quarry was abandoned due to uneconomic sales of stone. Almost simultaneously - due to the decline in the herring industy - the curing station also closed.